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Who is it for

Innoasis offers co-working spaces and lab facilities for start-ups, private companies and the public sector.

For Startups

We offer you more than a desk. You will sit together with the most inspiring companies in the Smart City space, with access to prototyping labs, living labs and event spaces. We can link you up with our partners in private companies or public sector to find your first pilot customer. Or if you want to test your prototype in a live environment, check out our living lab.

For Companies

We offer you more than flexible offices. You will sit in the epicentre of the Smart City actors, with access to prototyping labs and event spaces. The lab will be the breeding ground for Smart City innovation projects between public sector, academia and private industry, so possibilities are good for tagging along on pilot projects, EU-projects or innovative procurement.

For Public Actors

Municipalities, cities, commitees & departments

The lab will be the breeding ground for Smart City innovation projects between public sector, academia and industry. You can use our extensive network in the Smart City space to link innovative companies to your projects, or our use services for concept developmen to facilitate you through the process. Check out our sprint-room or prototyping labs.

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Kan din bedrift løse Utsira og Krødsherad sine utfordringer?

DOGA, Nordic Edge og Innovasjon Norge inviterer til en åpen innovasjonskonkurranse med formålet å løse utfordringer knyttet til stedsutvikling, og samtidig fremme bærekraftig næringsutvikling med utgangspunkt i lokale forutsetninger og muligheter.

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Does your company have the solution we seek?

Cities have defined what they main issues are with regards to developing smart and sustainable societies. Now the question is which companies have the solutions they are looking for.

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Plastic Fantastic Collaboration

Marine waste is a major environmental hazard around the world. To highlight just how serious it is, Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster and Fredrik Hermansen's Memorial Fund are collaborating on the Plastic Fantastic Conference.

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