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Our project portfolio

We initiate and collaborate on projects across our four main focus areas.

As part of our Smart City Innovation Cluster activities, we are involved in many small and large projects at various stages of development. Some are at the application for financing level or early stages of progress. Others are more mature or have been completed and resulted in new ideas, services, products or companies. The following are a few that we are currently working on within the Smart City Innovation Cluster.


One of our largest undertakings at the moment is to put together an innovation center in Stavanger, Norway. This centre has been given the name Innoasis. In the near future it will house accelerator and incubator programs in addition to various services needed for a successful generation of new companies. Some of the collaborator in this project are local, while others are large international companies. Please contact Business Developer, Karl Fjelde Nevland if you want to join Innoasis: karl@nordicedge.org


Within mobility we are involved in several projects linked to everything from autonomous vehicles and boats to drones. Our collaborators in these projects are everything from European and Nordic to local to our region of Norway.


In this field, we are currently working with various parties to find better solutions to new renewable energy projects for protected buildings. In addition, we are regularly hosting meetings in collaboration with the Future Energy Hub at the University of Stavanger.


We are working closely with local authorities and others on developing tools for better citizen engagement. In addition, we have a project on creating a university approved program for co-creation between the public and private sector.

Places & Spaces

Places & Spaces are about how cities evolve. Both in terms of the buildings there, but also the spaces where people meet. We are currently involved in several projects in Norway about how cities and towns are going to develop new areas.

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