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Invitations from Innovation Norway

Win a "Green-Oscar" in Germany or enter the Russian Smart City market. Innovation Norway has some exciting opportunities for cluster members.

The Oscar for Green Technology

The GreenTech Festival in Berlin, May 23-25th, 2019 awards the “Oscar” for green technology. Since 2007 the festival has recognised the leading green and sustainable solutions internationally. Former winners include Elon Musk, Bob Geldof and BMW’s hybrid car i8.

Innovation Norway has an open call for proposals. (Find out more). Nominees are invited to join Innovation Norway’s stand at the event. GreenTech Festival website.

Smart Nordic Day in Moscow

The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce is inviting Nordic companies to a bilateral Smart City event in Moscow in October. The Smart Nordic Day is a potential door-opener into the Russian market for Nordic companies with Smart City solutions. With 5G-technology coming to Russia, numerous new projects are being launched. Greener production, IoT, WtE and waste handling are of particular interest to the Russian market.

The event is co-hosted by the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and supported by Nordic Embassies in Moscow.

Reach out if you want more information: karina@nordicedge.org

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Drones from toys to real tools

The potential in utilizing drone technology drew a full house.

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Smart bins, domestics dead man's switches and inclusive parks

48 intense hours of wild ideas and team work has boild down to some pretty neat solutions at Future Energy Hack - greener spaces and places.

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Ongoing projects

We work on a wide range of projects within our four focus areas.

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