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Invitations from Innovation Norway

Attend workshops in Columbia, win a "Green-Oscar" in Germany, join the “Testination Svalbard” conference or set your sights on Russia. Innovation Norway has some exciting opportunities for cluster members.

Nordic Smart Cities in Columbia

Innovation Norway is hosting a seminar for Nordic companies in the two main cities of Columbia, Bogotá and Medellín, on February 12-15. Cluster members have been offered a very generous invitation to the event which will focus on urbanisation, information and communications technology, security, renewable energy, waste management, water and waste water treatment and more.

The aim of the event is:

  • To turn the Nordic countries into a benchmark in terms of Smart Cities for Colombia
  • To enable the Nordic companies to form a strategical network in the country
  • and to have a facilitated access to the market.

Please contact Cluster director, Stig Finnesand for more information.

The Oscar for Green Technology

The GreenTech Festival in Berlin, May 23-25th, 2019 awards the “Oscar” for green technology. Since 2007 the festival has recognised the leading green and sustainable solutions internationally. Former winners include Elon Musk, Bob Geldof and BMW’s hybrid car i8.

Innovation Norway has an open call for proposals. (Find out more). Nominees are invited to join Innovation Norway’s stand at the event. GreenTech Festival website.

Testination Svalbard

Longyearbyen has set its sights on becoming an Arctic Smart City. This opens some interesting opportunities for companies in need of testing grounds in tough conditions. The conference aims to strengthen cooperation with Norwegian companies with global ambitions, focusing on Arctic technology and solutions.


The conference takes place February 12-13,2019. Nysnø Invest, Telenor, NTNU, Jotun, Avinor, and more are on the speakerslist. More information

Let us know as soon as possible if you wish to attend.

Smart Nordic Day in Moscow

The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce is inviting Nordic companies to a bilateral Smart City event in Moscow in October. The Smart Nordic Day is a potential door-opener into the Russian market for Nordic companies with Smart City solutions. With 5G-technology coming to Russia, numerous new projects are being launched. Greener production, IoT, WtE and waste handling are of particular interest to the Russian market.

The event is co-hosted by the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and supported by Nordic Embassies in Moscow.

Reach out if you want more information: karina@nordicedge.org

A first step towards realising Autonomous Waterbuses

Driverless, electrical waterbuses cruising busy waterways of urban areas might be reality in several Norwegian cities within a matter of years.

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Autonomous Waterbus

National seminar on autonomous waterbusses

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2018 in brief

2018 in brief - Stronger together in the Stavanger Smart Region

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