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Investing in a smarter future

Nordic Edge is receiving reinforcements to the sum of nine million NOK over the next three years from our owners SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, Smedvig and Lyse!

The aim is to build a robust ecosystem for smart cities and communities, in Rogaland, but with the Nordic region and the world as a marketplace. The Smart City sector grows by over 20 percent annually worldwide, and Norwegian and Nordic companies definitely have a role to play when it comes to developing sustainable and smart cities that it is good to live and work in.

- Together, we are now taking a considerable step towards consolidating Nordic Edge as the leading meeting place and catalyst for the smart city industry. It is also a recognition of the good work that has been done to facilitate new business opportunities in a global market, says Eimund Nygaard, CEO of Lyse.

- We want to take part in establishing a more robust business community, and see Nordic Edge and the smart city initiative as a unique opportunity to participate in the development of business opportunities aimed at a large, international market. Together with networks, in and around Nordic Edge, SR-Bank will be able to develop new technology that can help accelerate this region into one of the most prominent smart cities in the Nordic region and Europe, says Executive Vice President of SpareBank 1 SR-Bank, Glenn Sæther.

- We are very grateful for this significant strengthening of Nordic Edge AS. We can now realise our strategy of consolidating our position as the Nordic region's foremost meeting place, innovation cluster and accelerator for smart cities and communities, says CEO of Nordic Edge, Stig Finnesand.

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Plastic Fantastic Collaboration

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Agile Piloting

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