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Hack the Crisis Norway

Hack the Crisis Norway is an online hackathon set up to meet the challenges caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. This event is organised by volunteers from the tech and startup community in Norway.

In a hackathon, people come together to create solutions and concepts from scratch in a short amount of time, addressing current problems. Over the course of a weekend, people all over Norway will join forces to create innovative solutions to the corona crisis.

This is a call to action to each and everyone to participate in the challenge. Hack the Crisis Norway is inspired by an Estonian initiative which has sparked a movement of Hack the Crisis hackathons all over the world.

There is no us and them. We want to:
  • Save communities
  • Save businesses
  • Save lives

The winner in each category gets 100,000 NOK to develop their idea, the runners up takes away 50,000 NOK each.

Registration is now open. Visit the Hack the Crisis Norway website for more information: https://www.hackthecrisisnorway.com/

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Den siste tiden har en rekke tiltak blitt iverksatt for å hjelpe næringslivet komme gjennom koronakrisen

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