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Future Energy Hack

Nine partners from academia, the public sector and private companies have come together to challenge and mentor students in a hackathon.

The title for the hackathon - Future Energy Hack, creating greener spaces and places, is an opportunity for students to work on real cases, whilst being mentored by professionals.

Participants will be presented with three cases and given a package of open data and access to the LoRaWAN network to come up with new solutions. The cases are:

  1. How to build and design a new park in Stavanger
  2. How can the University of Stavanger become more sustainable.
  3. Conscious energy consumption

The hackathon starts with a kick-off on March 7. The hackathon itself will take place March 15-17. Each case will be presented with a video in advance of the event. Here's the first case, presented by the City of Stavanger:  

Program (Tentative):


15:00-15:15     Registration
15:15:15:30     Welcome
15:30:16:30     Case presentation
16:30-17:00     Team building
17:00-18:00     Decide case/challenge and group name
18:00-18:15     Deliverable I
18:15-19:00     Dinner
19:00-20:15     Idea phase
20:15-20:45     Stand-up presentations  
20:45-21:00     Summary of the day


09:00-09:30     Let’s start the day together (yoga&breakfast)
09:30-10:00     Presentation - Gina Husebø and Thomas from EVRY
10:00-11:50     Working time
11:50-12:00     Deliverable II
12:00:12:30     Lunch
12:30-13:15     Speed dates with mentors
13:15-15:45     Info graphic/Prototype
15:45-16:00     Coffee break and snacks
16:00-18:00     Working time/test
18:00-19:00     Dinner
19:00-.........     Individual group work


09:00 -09:45    Let’s start the day together (Breakfast)
09:45-12:00     Stand up presentations
12:00-13:00     Lunch
13:00-15:00     Deliverable III  
15:00-15:30     Snacks and sandwiches
15:30-17:45     Final team pitches
17:45-18:00     Public voting
18:00-18:15     Announcement of the winner  
19:00               Doors closing

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