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Professional hackathon for the tech industry

Four municipalities challenged the tech industry to a hackathon to come up with green, sustainable solutions for their citizens.

Over a periode of three weeks the teams produced solutions ranging from measuring pH levels and chalking rivers for fishermen, to means of visualising air quality.

- Inviting professionals to a hackathon is a new approach for our cities, said Årstein Skjæveland from Gjesdal municipality. - But we need to think fresh and challenge ourselves to come up with the best solutions for our citizens, he added.

Skjæveland sat in the jury alongside his colleagues from the cities of Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola.

Nudging people to a greener lifestyle

Evry, won the competition with a device designed to nudge people into taking the bus, cycle or walk to work rather than drive. Hear Business Advisor from Evry, Gina Husebø explain the concept in this video:

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Gründere i vekst har vært en døråpner

Gründere i vekst vært en viktig døråpner inn i nye markeder, for etablering av nye prosjekter.

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Programme at European Utility Week

Preliminary programme on the Nordic Pavilion at European Utility Week

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Become an exhibitor at Nordic Edge Expo

Showcase your solutions or present your challenges at the largest Smart City event in the Nordics.

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