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European Utility Week

Bringing Nordic energy solutions to an international market at European Utility Week

"Attending the Nordic Pavilion is opening doors for us in both the Nordics and Europe. Discussing internationalisation with the Norwegian Minister of Digitalisation and the Director of Innovation Norway in Paris was an added bonus", says cluster member InfoTiles who exhibited at EUW.

Nordic Edge hosted the Nordic Pavilion at European Utility Week in Paris 12-14 November, alongside CLEAN Cluster from Denmark and InnoEnergy from Sweden. The pavilion was sponsored by Nordic Energy Research and Innovation Norway. The exhibitors were a mix of companies from the Nordic countries keen on entering the international market, including Kongsberg Digital, ZAPTEC, InfoTiles, Kamstrup, CaCharge, CorPower Ocean and Samster AB. Even more Nordic companies participated in the delegation package offered in connection with the Paris trip.

A successful venture at the largest meeting place for energy in Europe

Hosting the pavilion proved to be a successful endeavour for Nordic Edge and participants. It became an energetic week of new insights and partnerships. Throughout the week programmes were scheduled on the pavilion. Nordic Edge facilitated a session called “Meet the Nordic Companies”  where our cluster member InfoTiles was one of the companies who presented their ‘Making Sense of Data’ pitch to an international audience. Participants meet with other Smart City and Cleantech clusters during the event, as well as delegation visits and networking events with both the French, Belgique and Canadian pavilions to learn more about their take on the future of sustainable energy.

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