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Drones from toys to real tools

The potential in utilizing drone technology drew a full house.

"There will be a before and after on drone technology following this seminar". This was the opening statement by Director of Communications at Mobility Company Kolumbus, Grethe Skundberg as she welcomed participants to a seminar on the potential of drones held in Stavanger Tuesday March 26.

The venue was filled to the brink with the participants from the drone industry, public sector and rescue services, all keen to see how various sectors can take advantage of drone technology. With a tight schedule, great expertise in drones, sensors and technology, the participants learned about opportunities without limits. Drones were highlighted for many purposes, from maintenance work to passenger transport and even to decorating cakes.

Phenomenal growth

There already exist 400,000 drones in Norwegian homes and businesses. Every four hours a new operator enters the market. The industry has grown exceptionally in the the last 20 years, but there is still a long way to go to truly exploit the potential that lies ahead, whether it is within emergency preparedness or logistics.

The main message throughout the event - Gather your ideas and create collaborations! The possibilities and the technology is already here.

The seminar was hosted by Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster in collaboration with The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and Greater Stavanger. We express our heartfelt thanks to Lyse Elnett, Statens Vegvesen, Avinor, SUS, Ehang Scandinavia, Nordic Unmanned, KVS Technologies, Astralution, IKM Testing, Olavstoppen and UASNorway for taking part.


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