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Does your company have the solution we seek?

Cities have defined what they main issues are with regards to developing smart and sustainable societies. Now the question is which companies have the solutions they are looking for.

Innovasjonskonkurransen (directly translated to the innovation competition) is a national programme facilitated by Design & Architecture Norway, Nordic Edge and Innovation Norway. The programme builds on Norway's National Road Map for Smart and Sustainable Cities. In the first round of the competition we asked cities and counties to define some major issues they faced in accelerating smart and sustainable societies. The response was overwhelming. Eventually the tiny island of Utsira and Krødsherad municipality were selected, based on the criteria of commitment, potential for innovation and scale.

What are the municipalities looking for?

Utsira, Norway's smallest municipality, is actively working for residents to remain on the island despite a industrial decline. Building on its natural surroundings as an island in the North Sea the aim is to become an attractive community to live in.

The municipality of Krødsherad is looking for environmentally friendly transport solutions for its many holiday visitors. The aim is to deliver seamless solutions that will make private cars obsolete, which in return will prove to be a benefit for residents in more rural areas of the municipality.

Workshops are being facilitated in Utsira on 17 February (09:30-14:30) and in Krødsherad 19 February (09:30-14:30)

Do you have the solutions?

Let us know! The submission deadline is 29. March. Contact person:

Malin Kock Hansen

Senior Advisor and Project Manager at Design & Architecture Norway (DOGA)

(+47) 959 24 953


More in-depth description of the programme (in Norwegian): Link to doga.no

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