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Are you a DIY innovator?

We are looking for innovators who have gone under the radar. People with interesting ideas with the potential to make every day life easier.

Together with NORCE (The Norwegian Research Centre) and the City of Stavanger, Nordic Edge is initiating a research project to identify 'homemade inventors'. According to statistics there are 30.000 inventors living in the county of Rogaland. These inventors create products and solutions that might be of interest to a wider audience.

Are you an innovator or do you someone who should take part? Visit the City of Stavanger's website for more information and sign up. Please note this project is running in Western Norway, hence the text is in Norwegian: link

Agile Piloting

Are you a start-up interesting in testing your solutions in a real-life environment? We have a proposal:

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European Utility Week

Bringing Nordic energy solutions to an international market at European Utility Week

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Who is it for

Innoasis offers co-working spaces and lab facilities for start-ups, private companies and the public sector.

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