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Agile Piloting

Are you a start-up interesting in testing your solutions in a real-life environment? We have a proposal:

A new park is being developed in the urban neighbourhood of Storhaug in Stavanger. The plan is to create an inclusive, green area filled with activity, despite the (occasional) poor weather in Western Norway. The city of Stavanger wants to do this in collaboration with start-up companies.

To this end the city is adopting a Finnish model for developing and testing new urban services and increase co-operation between the city and start-up companies. The aim is to accelerate Smart City development and run small scale pilots to find innovative solutions. The concept, Agile Piloting was developed by Forum Virium in Helsinki some year's back and has later been rolled out in several cities across Finland. In Norwegian the concept has been translated to Kvikktest.

How to get involved?

The open call for solutions and services will be launched on December 15. Prior to this start-ups are invited to a dialogue meeting. The meetings will be held on December 4 and 5. More information about the concept and meetings can be found here: Link

What is Agile Piloting?

The Agile Piloting model has a proven track record in Finland. In the city of Helsinki alone 21 projects have been facilitated. Find out more from Forum Virium's website: Link

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