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2018 in brief

2018 in brief - Stronger together in the Stavanger Smart Region

The Nordic Edge Cluster on Smarter Cities and Communities first year of existence is coming to an end. The cluster is young and ambitious with a wide array of new initiatives in the works.

After becoming Norway's first official cluster on smarter cities and communities on January 1st, Stig Finnesand took the helm as director in June of this year. Since then the cluster has gained some serious traction. 

The University of Stavanger became the 11th owner of Nordic Edge, new members have been signed, projects initiated and presentations held - like the one above where Finnesand, the University of Stavanger and cluster members Atea, and the cities of Gjesdal and Stavanger presented: “The short, but sweet success story of collaborations between academia, private and public sector" at the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona.

As demonstrated in Barcelona, cross-sector cooperation is the central caption for Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster’s activities, alongside sustainability.

Several cluster members joined the regional delegation visiting the Smart City World Expo.

The Nordic Edge stand itself was a hive of activity throughout the event. Not a single brochure was taken home or left behind. The stand was yet another example of collaboration between the partners in the Stavanger Smart Region - the University of Stavanger, the City of Sandnes, the City of Stavanger, Greater Stavanger and the Stavanger Region’s European Office in Brussels.

“We came to Barcelona to present the opportunities of our region, both cross-sector collaboration and avenues to run pilot projects, and we are returning home with a suitcase full of leads,” Finnesand says.

Back in Norway, the Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster co-hosted an event in what is said to be the world’s smartest building. The new offices of Atea in Sola municipality just outside the City of Stavanger. Here’s more information (in Norwegian). This was followed by a trip to the Arctic and sessions with cluster member Bodø. The list of ongoing projects goes on with Last Mile Logistics, technology in school though KnowHow EdTech, a Horizon2020 application, mobility hubs, sea level and waste water, upcoming hackatons and a mentoring programme for scale ups and much much more.

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