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Scale up mentor programme

Start-ups are invited to a mentor programme to make the transition to scale up and beyond

June 12, 2019
Innolaben Organgeriet, Avaldsnesgata 95, Stavanger

The "Gründere i vekst" programme is offered to start-ups in collaboration with the Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster. The aim of the programme is simply to assist start-ups in transitioning to a scale up.

A total of six start-ups, three from each cluster participate in the programme. The programme runs from February to mid-June, 2019. Nordic Edge clusters Maptrends, Podbike and InfoTiles take part.  

Programme overview:

- Each start-up will be linked with a host company which will act as a devils advocate to help the start-up advance their business potential. The two parties will have 3-4 meetings of approx 3 hours during the project period.

- The start-up will be offered a mentor to guide the acceleration process

- There will be a total of four joint meetings covering topics relevant for start-ups

The programme is supported by Innovation Norway. Please find more information about the programme here (In Norwegian): Link

In co-operation with:


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