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Scale up mentor programme

Start-ups are invited to a mentor programme to make the transition to scale up and beyond

February 4, 2019
Innolaben Organgeriet, Avaldsnesgata 95, Stavanger

The "Gründere i vekst" programme is offered to start-ups in collaboration with the Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster. The aim of the programme is simply to assist start-ups in transitioning to a scale up.

A total of six start-ups, three from each cluster can participate in the programme. The programme runs from February to mid-June, 2019, and applicable cluster affiliates are invited to apply for a place.

Programme overview:

- Each start-up will be linked with a host company which will act as a devils advocate to help the start-up advance their business potential. The two parties will have 3-4 meetings of approx 3 hours during the project periode

- The start-up will be offered a mentor to guide the acceleration process.

- There will be a totalt of four joint meetings covering topics relevant for start-ups

The programme is supported by Innovation Norway. Please find more information about the programme here (In Norwegian): Link

Contact Cluster Director Stig Finnesand if you are interested in participating.


February 5, 2019

Miljøhack 2019

Four cities are challenging the tech industry to come up with environmentally friendly solutions built on open data, LoRaWAN, sensors and prototypes that may create new jobs. Welcome to Miljøhack 2019 - a Hackathon for professionals.

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