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The Nordic Edge Smart City innovation cluster is open to all that want to get connected to like-minded organisations, collaborate on new technologies and create innovative solutions to smart city challenges.

Stig Finnesand
Director, Smart City Cluster
+47 90 16 10 09

Board members: HerbjørnTjeltveit, CEO, Nordic Edge AS, Dagfinn Wage, R&D and Innovation Manager, Lyse AS, Pål Flemming Bang, Innovation & Business Development Manager, Delfi AS, Kjersti Melberg, Research Director, NORCE, Elisabeth Øvstebø, Board Member / Co-founder, X2-labs, Gunnar Crawford, Head of Stavanger Smart City, Felix Laate, Opportunity Manager, Greater Stavanger, Kristin Gustavsen, Project Manager, City Impact Districts og Bjarne Uldal, Partner, Hey-Ho Lets Go Further AS

Michelle Snarberg
International Business Manager
+46 (0)73 385 0073
Main partners
Public Stakeholders and the FOUI
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