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The official smart city cluster

Joining forces to create better, more sustainable cities and communities for people to live and work.

Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster is the official Norwegian innovation cluster on smarter cities and communities. The cluster aims to be a driving force behind smart city development and become the leading player in the Nordic region by 2021.

The Stavanger region was an early adopter of fiber networks. The infrastructure that was established when utility company Lyse built its extensive fiber network, has served as a backbone for Stavanger’s position as a Smart City and for the Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster.

The Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster aims to promote and support research, innovation and development of smart cities and communities, using technology and data to deliver a better quality of life.

Through the Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster, we will put the Nordics on the map asa vibrant and vital region.

Agile Piloting

Are you a start-up interesting in testing your solutions in a real-life environment? We have a proposal:

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Our project portfolio

We initiate and collaborate on projects across our four main focus areas.

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Who is it for

Innoasis offers co-working spaces and lab facilities for start-ups, private companies and the public sector.

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