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The official smart city cluster

Stavanger-based Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster aims to be a driving force for the development of smarter cities and communities, and to become the leading player in the Nordic region by 2021.

The Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster comprises 11 core companies and 50 different partners. Amongst them are entrepreneurs, private companies, research and education institutions as well as public sector representatives.

Over the last few years, the Stavanger region has built a position as Norway´s cluster on Smart City. The digital infrastructure that was established when the utility company Lyse built its extensive fibre network, was the beginning of the Stavanger region’s development to establish itself as the leading cluster on Smart City in Norway. The fibre network opened up for new ideas for services over the internet. This triggered a number of new projects and businesses.

The Nordic Smart City Cluster is a collaboration between businesses, R&D environments and the public sector, to create value, encourage restructuring and innovation in the businesses, and to develop quality services and cost effective smart city solutions for, and with the cities. It is the first of its kind in Norway, and was recognised by the Arena Programme, owned and operated jointly by Innovation Norway, The Research Council and Siva on January 1st, 2018.

Cluster cooperation will help connect the municipalities with the vendor side, and the municipalities on the other hand will become more accessible as coalition partners and buyers. It is a business-oriented cluster where the players from across the different sectors will help draw the region together in a common direction.

The main group companies behind the application is comprised of: Lyse, Westcontrol, Delphi, Roxel, Systor Vest, Atea, Petrolink, Microsoft, Bolder and Offshore Systems. Around 50 more players from different industries, municipalities and institutions in the Stavanger region, as well as a few more external and international actors, are also included in the cluster. More partners are welcome!

The cluster status is a confirmation of the number of players in our region who want to provide solutions within the smart city sector. At the same time, the cluster status is just a small first step on a much longer journey. The members of the clusters will now start the hard work of developing a strong cluster with Nordic and international reach, that can help bring forward new projects, products and services”, says Herbjørn Tjeltveit, Managing Director of Nordic Edge.

THE ARENA PROGRAMME is intended to promote more innovation in business and industry, through collaboration between businesses, knowledge and R&D institutions, and the public sector. The programme targets regional business communities that have a high concentration of companies within one industry, value chain or area of expertise, and that have relevant competence centres.

NORWEGIAN INNOVATION CLUSTERS is a government supported cluster programme. The programme aims to trigger and enhance collaborative development activities in clusters. The goal is to increase the cluster dynamics and attractiveness, the individual company’s innovativeness and competitiveness. The program is organized by Innovation Norway, in joint effort with Siva (The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway) and the Norwegian Research Council.

Meet the Cluster Director

Stig Finnesand heads the Smart City Innovation Cluster, operating in a perfect triangulum between municipalities, academia and the private sector.

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Cluster member from the North

It is with great joy we welcome Bodø to the cluster, director Stig Finnesand says in a press release.

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InfoTiles wins top prize

The German network Morgenstadt with partner Bable, has awarded cluster member Infotiles with the main prize for innovative solutions.

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